Sanitizing service

Professional, hospital-grade sanitizing and disinfection

Let our professionals handle the airborne threats .  Whether it be Cold and Flu season, the next version of COVID-19, or a nasty Bacterial Threat; our service offers a true "Broad Spectrum" sanitizing and disinfection protocol that eliminates harmful, airborne threats.  We offer an additional benefit that extends the life of our treatments effectiveness  by using an Eco-Safe application of probiotics that inhibits the reinfection of treated areas.  Just Breathe Nevada offers more than sanitizing during our treatments. See our FIVE WAY SANITIZED tab

Sick Building SyndromeDetoxification and decontamination of sick or toxic buildings

It is a Fact that more than 70% of all buildings have years of bioaccumulation of pollution and toxins that are produced from paints, glue, building materials, cleaning products, pesticides, and even the regular use of fragrances. This can also be the cause of unnecessary and additional cost to business owners in one way or another. Some workers may  experience mild to serious reactions to the closed environment of the workplace.  Symptoms are headaches, tiredness, eye irritation, coughing, skin reactions, bouts of nausea, allergic reactions, and aggravation caused by chemical sensitivities.

Effective environmental treatments can reduce triggers for allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivity, and chronic respiratory illness.

Odor Removal Services

We provide Odor Removal Services for Homeowners, Apartment Complexes, Real Estate agents, Business Owners etc..  Odors can come from many different sources such as:  Smoking, Pets, Cooking, and even Household Cleaners just to name a few. Our process solves odor problems. For best results the source of the odor must be removed. By removing the source and treating the odor issue at the molecular level, the smell does not return.

In addition to odor removal our treatment also sanitizes and detoxifies the serviced area during treatment. Our Products are not only Eco-Safe, but also provide five levels of air quality improvements. This EPA Approved solution has received positive reviews with some even stating that the healthier air has provided a better quality of life.


Superior Sanitizing

Not all sanitizing services are equal.  Just Breathe Nevada does more than just sanitize.  We actually improve the indoor air quality with each treatment, and we apply a final treatment that extends the impact of the sanitizing service.  Now your sanitizing treatment can last for days and weeks, not just hours.

Eco-Safe Products

Sanitizing products often produce fumes, called VOCs, which actually pollute the air and can  have adverse effects on people within the building.  When cleaners and air fresheners are used many times over in a building, the toxic buildup is inevitable.  We are pleased to report that our product actually improves the indoor air quality.

Protect Employees

The air in every workplace, home, school, daycare, gym, or office building can positively or negatively affect occupants, especially those who are already  health-compromised. Whether it is allergies, asthma, respiratory illness, or chemical sensitivities; many people struggle from poor indoor air quality and more so  in polluted and toxic buildings.  There has been a massive positive response to our Eco-Safe treatments.

Free IAQ Testing

Both infectious disease and polluted air are mostly undetectable, but can be harmful.  Just Breathe Nevada offers a free Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test that reveals the highly active airborne threats when they exist inside the building.  The  great news is we have the solution that can provide you with safe indoor air quality even if the threats are high. Our treatment solves these issues during our FIVE WAY SANITIZED process.