Indoor air quality scale

SBS and HealthBuildings are artificial structures.  While they provide a measure of protection from the outside air quality threats, they also accumulate pollution threats because so many things go in but never go out.  Consider the hundreds of gallons of cleaning chemicals, sprays, fragrances, pesticides, and polishes that are brought into a building each year.  How do they leave?  Some may leave via the drain from the wash water, but most of these product simply evaporate.

Evaporation is also called "volatilization" whereby a dissolved sample is vaporized, liquid turns to gas.  Water may turn to steam, but it never becomes anything.  Products like bleach start by splitting the molecule of salt.  The liquid turns from a liquid chemical to a gas, and that gas will float around and eventually condense onto the dust and dirt of the building.  

Some people are very healthy and can work in a bad IAQ building testing at 151-200 mg/m3 for VOCs however there are those with weak immune systems, chronic illness, chemical sensitivities, and even emotional stress.  In the very same building, these people are the exception and may be more sensitive or adversely affected therefor, may react to threats that have not yet impacted the more healthy people in the building.

We need to regularly sanitize our buildings to ensure a safer Indoor Air Quality for everyone who works in, and enters our establishment.  Our CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS use EPA Registered Products the are Green Certified.  While killing pathogens in the air and on surfaces, our treatment dramatically improves the indoor air quality.  Your staff will experience the difference working in a clean air workplace.

* We do not permit people or pets inside the structure that we are servicing as it is essential to the safety of all.* 

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Superior Sanitizing

Not all sanitizing services are equal.  Just Breathe Nevada does more than just sanitize.  We actually improve the indoor air quality with each treatment, and we apply a final treatment that extends the impact of the sanitizing service.  Now your sanitizing treatment can last for days and weeks, not just hours.

Eco-Safe Products

Sanitizing products often produce fumes, called VOCs, which actually pollute the air and can  have adverse effects on people within the building.  When cleaners and air fresheners are used many times over in a building, the toxic buildup is inevitable.  We are pleased to report that our product actually improves the indoor air quality.

Protect Employees

The air in every workplace, home, school, daycare, gym, or office building can positively or negatively affect occupants, especially those who are already  health-compromised. Whether it is allergies, asthma, respiratory illness, or chemical sensitivities; many people struggle from poor indoor air quality and more so  in polluted and toxic buildings.  There has been a massive positive response to our Eco-Safe treatments.

Free IAQ Testing

Both infectious disease and polluted air are mostly undetectable, but can be harmful.  Just Breathe Nevada offers a free Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test that reveals the highly active airborne threats when they exist inside the building.  The  great news is we have the solution that can provide you with safe indoor air quality even if the threats are high. Our treatment solves these issues during our FIVE WAY SANITIZED process.